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Rebuilding the Global Financial System (part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how the financial crisis came about. This discussion was very U.S.-centric, but it was a summation of a holiday dinner conversation I had to try and explain the crisis to someone on Main Street. What follows is a more expansive answer to how the crisis came […]

Rebuilding the Global Financial System (part 1)

We are at the point in the global financial crisis where we should ask what is to be done. A number of commentators are already posting their theses for restructuring the international financial system, so it is high time we do so here. What can really focus the discussion is a conversation I had […]

Dow Jones 1900-2008 Chart (Updated)

Update: Please see the latest charts as of December 1, 2008 in the post titles Dow Jones 1900-2008 Charts (More Updates). The update includes both logarithmic and arithmetic charts of the Dow to date.

This is the latest update of the chart I’ve put together that shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) from 1900-2008. […]

Misunderstanding Oil Note: Card Game in Waiting

In our first installment of Misunderstanding Oil and Alternative Energy we described the card game that oil futures traders can play to constrict supply and boost futures prices. As the futures market controls the spot market oil traders game theory plays make spot settlement more expensive and, therefore, drive up prices for all oil-based […]

Weekend D-Watch Post

Market watchers have long considered MSM overuse of finance buzzwords as contrarian indicators. For instance, if every single media outlet in mid-2000 was crowing Dow 36,000 and how dot-com would change everything, savvy investors knew it was time to sell. We kicked off the latest buzzword watch here at Global Finance Net with our […]

More Stories from a Recent Depression (D-Watch)

A few readers asked me to expand on the tips I offered in the last post on Stories from a Recent Depression. I will do that a little further down in this post. Before we get there, there are two “D-Watch” issues I’d like to bring up, one from long ago, one more recent.


Stories From a Recent Depression

A few newspapers recently dared to describe the U.S. recession of 2008 with the d-word, depression. While the problems across the globe have yet to approach the seriousness of a depression, I thought it might be valuable to share my observations of having lived through a stock market crash and subsequent depression not too […]