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Obama’s Performance and the Dow

A chart comparing the Dow under Presidents Obama, Roosevelt, Reagan and Clinton during their first year in office. Analysis and context follows. […]

Dow Charts Updates 1900 and 1997 to 2009

A chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1900-2009 on February 20, 2009. Also includes a chart from 1997-2009. The 1900-2009 chart is logarithmic, the 1997-2009 is arithmetic. […]

Oil and Gold Chart 1900-2009

A chart of oil priced in ounces of gold between 1900 and 2009. Charts of oil between 1900-2009 and gold between 1900-2009. Based on WTI and NY Commodites prices. […]

Bank Nationalization and the Dow

A table with the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and their weightings relative to the average. […]

When Iridium Satellites Collide

Article and commentary on the Iridium satellite collision with a Russian satellite. […]

Dow Jones 30, Obama, FDR and History

A chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) comparing the first weeks and first year of the Presidential administrations of Roosevelt, Reagan, Clinton and Obama. […]

Global Finance Chatter: February 10, 2009

News summary for February 10, 2009. […]