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Watch This Space

Over the weekend and during the week of December 15-19 we are moving to a privately hosted blog platform. This will give us the flexibility to add a number of more compelling blog features such as better charts and visuals, live market data, interactive fora, etc, . . . Unfortunately, Google/Blogger has been […]

Thank You Boston Globe

History likes to mark eras with specific dates and events. Yesterday, Pearl Harbor Day or “the day that will live in infamy” is always known as the beginning of U.S. involvement in World War II, though the impact of the war on the U.S. started long before. While there can be no comparison, today […]

Don’t Dilute the Bonus Pool

A number of commentators are going to great lengths to explain how misalignment of incentives on Wall Street and in global finance helped inflame the current economic crisis. I have a much simpler explanation that can be summed up in five simple words that every banker and analyst has heard at least one in […]

Copper Theft Task Force Worth the Price?

One way for government to effect prices is to intervene in the market by limiting supply. Let me first state that we here do not condone theft or criminal activity of any kind and I should also add that we commend the FBI for the work it has done the past few years under […]

Dow Jones 1900-2008 Charts (More Updates)

We have done some earlier posts on Dow charts to illustrate the predicament today’s market is in. The utility of Dow charts (and the Dow as market proxy) is debatable, but the charts provide an interesting tool for overall market analysis. Below are the updated charts from January 3, 1900 to market close December […]