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Global Finance Chatter: February 5, 2009

“All the news that fits, we print!”

This is the news summary from mainstream media sources (MSM), blogs, financial professionals and our analysis. We provide this to give you a short overview of what is happening in the world based on some of this blog’s themes (international finance, charts, markets, and so on). Please comment so we can improve our selection to make this section useful.

Global summary

The markets seem to be in a sort of malaise. US stocks were down yesterday 0.75% for the S&P, the Dow was down 1.51%. Gold reached 901.6 while oil barely moved at 40.30. The dollar gained against major European currencies. Obama’s economic stimulus plan and failure to move it through Congress fast enough (or in tact) weigh on already negative sentiment which faces more bad news every day.

Alternative Assets
  • Clusterstock notes the growing market for secondary offerings of private equity limited partnerships (LP stakes). The market is mainly LPs who cannot or don’t want to fulfill their LP commitment to their funds and are willing to sell their LP investment at a steep discount (kind of like a private equity pawn shop).
International Markets
  • Bloomberg reports that Obama economic adviser and former Fed Chair Paul Volcker may not be getting along with National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, thus leading to some of the policy roadblock we see in Washington.
From the Blogosphere

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