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GlobalFinance.Net Blog Charts and DataThis is the page for our charts and pictures. While many of our charts are reflected in a blog post, we maintain this persistent page so that our users can have a single source for all of our chart data. In addition, we may update charts on this page more frequently than in the blog.

You can link to this page at or see some of our charts on Twitpic at Please enjoy!

US Stock Market Charts

Dow Jones 1900-2009. A chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1900 to the present day (2009).

International Market Charts

Russian Trading System Index 1995-2009. The chart of the RTS index with trading volume starting in 1995 when the market opened through the present.

Political Charts

Four Presidents and the Dow. A chart comparing the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance during the first year of the administrations of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Obama’s Approval and the Dow. This chart compares Predident Obama’s approval rating data from Rasmussen Polls and the change in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.