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1 comment to The Economic Stimulus Event Horizon

  • We were just thinking this morning – the mere fact that there has developed an “expectation” that government should address any of our concerns in society is a notion which we should examine carefully. Consider the different reasons for the development of this expectation:

    (a) Government does it best;

    (b) Government is the only way it can be done;

    (c) We abdicated our personal responsibility to handle our own affairs;

    (d) By having government do it, we achieve efficiencies which can not be matched individually; and

    (e) We pay so much in taxes that we want something of value for our money, and as the amount of taxes paid increases, we expect more for our money.

    Some would argue that what we are witnessing in Congress at this point in time is exactly why government should not be allowed to do anything in our society other than those absolutely essential services which can not be provided by the private or non-profit sectors. It is difficult to run any organization, or accomplish any large task, by committee, unless all of the members share the same goals and values. That is obviously not the case with government. We, as a society, have grown to expect the government to perform certain functions; but shouldn’t we be trying to gradually reduce the number of services provided by government, particularly because politicians are intimately connected therewith?